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5 Behind-the-scenes details from The Goldbergs



Even though The Goldbergs was an incredibly successful series, the cast changed quite a few times due to drama behind-the-scenes.

The Goldbergs is a friendly family sitcom which details the lives and shenanigans of the Goldberg family and the people who surround them.

The Goldbergs was one of the few sitcoms to reach the 10-season milestone in 2023, but all was not always as well behind the scenes.

About The Goldbergs

Sitcoms and family dramas have always been an incredibly popular television genre, because, well, what is more relatable than watching another family navigate the complicated journey of growing up and changing relationships.

ABC’s The Goldbergs follows Adam Goldberg (a character played by Sean Giambrone which is a slightly dramatized version of the real-life producer of the show, Adam F. Goldberg) as he recounts the story of his family’s experiences growing up in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania in the 1980s.

And as can usually be expected with this kind of lighthearted family show, hilarity usually ensues as one or more members of the Goldberg family get(s) themselves involved in various unforeseen circumstances.

5 Behind-the-scenes details from The Goldbergs

The first season of The Goldbergs premiered just under a decade ago in September 2013, scoring well over 8.9 million viewers with its first episode and an average of 5.06 million viewers. It also got a 1.68 rating in the 18 to 49 demographic for its first season.

It soon became clear that The Goldbergs’s unique combination of heartfelt and comedic content was a recipe for success and the series’ popularity continued throughout the next nine years (with only a few dips here and there).

In fact, by the time the news broke that The Goldbergs would soon become one of the very few ABC sitcoms to be renewed for a tenth season in 2022, the show still occupied the spot at the top of the network’s most-watched and highest-rated comedy lists.

However, just because The Goldbergs had been performing well with audiences, this did not make the show immune from controversy.

In fact, looking back now, while audiences were tuning in to watch the lighthearted jokes play out in every new episode throughout The Goldbergs’s ten seasons, things were slowly falling apart behind the scenes.

The Goldbergs cast season 10

Once The Goldbergs had finally been renewed for its tenth season in 2022, and the show surpassed the 200-episode mark, it officially became one of the longest-running live-action broadcast comedies in history.

But, by the time this season started airing, there had been so many behind-the-scenes changes, that only a few of the cast members returned to the show.

Some of the old-favorite cast members who made an appearance in season 10 of The Goldbergs include:

Cast memberRole
Wendi McLendon-CoveyBeverly Goldberg
Sean GiambroneAdam Goldberg
Troy GentileBarry Goldberg
Hayley OrrantiaErica Goldberg
Sam LernerGeoff Schwartz
Noah Munck‘Naked’ Rob Smith

Other characters like Sam Lerner’s Geoff Schwartz, Noah Munck’s ‘Naked’ Rob Smith, Matt Bush’s Andy Cogan, AJ Michalka’s Lainy Lewis and Shayne Topp’s Matt Bradley, also make appearances.

1. Did Murray quit The Goldbergs?

Although The Goldbergs is a fairly fun and lighthearted show, the allegations surrounding Jeff Garlin (who fans will recognize as Murray Goldberg, the patriarch of the Goldberg family) are considerably more grave.

Garlin originally split from The Goldbergs midway through the ninth season, following several allegations of misconduct on set, which were made in 2021.

Garlin has insisted that he was not “fired” from the show. But the producers did eventually decide to get rid of the character (after a few awkward episode with a stand-in), by killing Murray off, off-screen, somewhere between the end of the ninth season and the beginning of the tenth.

2. Why did the dad quit The Goldbergs?

Besides the controversy surrounding Garlin’s Murray, The Goldbergs also had to bid Albert “Pops” Solomon, who was played by George Segal, farewell.

Pops was Beverly Goldberg’s laidback single father who regularly got involved in all the same hijinks as the rest of the Goldberg family.

But after Segal passed away in March of 2021, the character never made another appearance in the show, expect for when he was memorialized in the very first episode of season 9.

3. Why did the Alexis G Zall join The Goldbergs?

One of the cast changes in The Goldbergs which had happened earlier on in the show, but one that fans may not necessarily have noticed right away, was that of Adam’s girlfriend, Jackie Geary.

Jackie was originally played by Rowan Blanchard in the fourth and fifth seasons of the show, but after Blanchard passed on the role, The Goldbergs’s creator, Adam F. Goldberg, decided to recast the role.

Alexis G. Zall took over the role of Jackie for season six of the show, but the character only really made a few brief appearances in the ninth and tenth seasons, after this change was finalized.

4. Why did Adam F. Goldberg leave The Goldbergs?

Adam F. Scott is about as involved in the The Goldbergs story as one person could be. Not only is the story based on his actual life, but he also helped out behind the scenes as the creator and as one of the show’s writers.

Unfortunately though, even though The Goldbergs tells some of Adam’s story, not all of the show’s producers agreed with how it should conclude.

And following a disagreement about how long it would take to edit’s Adam’s own home movies for the show’s finale, he ultimately decided to part ways with the show in season seven.

This gave him some extra time to work on his film The Muppets Mayhem, instead.

5. When does The Goldbergs return in 2023?

When it was first announced that The Goldbergs would be returning for a tenth season after the difficult ninth season, rumors started floating around that Wendi McLendon-Covey and the other returning cast members had signed a deal which included the possibility of more seasons.

However, ABC and The Goldbergs’s production team has made it fairly clear that the show will not be returning beyond its tenth season finale episode, which aired on May 3, 2023.

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