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Uk Teatime Lottery complete Information



UK evening results are known as Teatime results. As everyone knows UK 49s lotto has two draw systems (Lunchtime draw and Teatime draw). This system enhances the beauty of this lottery game because it provides the more winning chances of its users.

Evening results are drawn at 5: 49 pm everyday and Afternoon results time is 12: 59. In this article we are going to give more information about Teatime results such as how much it is important, Teatime winning strategies, Teatime predictions, Teatime Hot and Cold numbers. Be with us to get the latest information about Evening results.

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How to play UK evening lottery results

  • Draw six numbers and one booster number out of 49 numbers
  • This lotto can be played with six ball numbers and seven ball numbers. Its totally up to the players what numbers they choose to play whether six number draw or seven number draw.
  • Seven number draw increase the chances of winning because it has one booster number
  • The cost of each bet costs £1

Teatime winning strategy

Players want to win the teatime lottery so they try different strategies to win. They gather these strategies by the internet. Here we are going to give a well known HOT and COLD number strategy. This strategy really works and many players have won by using this useful technique.

Teatime hot and cold number strategy

Teatime and UK49s Lunchtime hot numbers are the most frequently used numbers in the history of four weeks. These are the most important numbers to win the lottery game. Gamblers can fully rely on these numbers and can be the lucky winner of the upcoming draw. Many previous winners have won the lotto game many of the time by using this hot number strategy.

Teatime Cold numbers are very less used numbers in the previous result history over four week.

UK 49s teatime predictions

Players want to win the lottery evening results and use many tips and tricks to be the lucky winner. They get more information to win the teatime results. They predict the upcoming draw results by using various techniques.

But here we want to tell you that you should avoid relying 100% on these tips and tricks. This is the game of luck. On the internet you can get different kinds of strategies. All these provide only guidelines but not 100% sure.

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