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Tesla stops updating its latest version of the FSD beta, what happened?



Tesla has been pursuing the goal of being the first car manufacturers to boast of having on the market for just over a year a software capable of driving your vehicles with practically total autonomy. His name is full-self driving (FSD) and it has become a recurring topic within the company’s founder’s Twitter timeline.

Elon Musk, who uses social networks to keep us up to date with the latest news around his companies, has told in the last hours information that will not be liked by all those who aspire to have an autonomous car in the coming months. And is that that FSD has suffered a little setback that is going to delay a bit the plans of the Americans.

What happened to the FSD?

A few hours ago, on Sunday afternoon, Elon Musk went to his Twitter profile to tell the world that the latest version of the beta of that FSD that had already begun to reach some owners of their cars was going to retire, returning the car software to the latest stable release to all users who were already testing it. So those who licked themselves for having managed to install it, they will have to wait a little longer.

Seeing some issues with 10.3, so rolling back to 10.2 temporarily. Please note, this is to be expected with beta software. It is impossible to test all hardware configs in all conditions with internal QA, hence public beta.

Specifically, the Australian spoke of the existence of “some problems” in the beta version which have forced the company to cancel the distribution that had been started, due to the feedback received from some drivers who claimed to have problems with the autopilot and cruise control.

Remember that the version that has just stopped its distribution is 10.3, so all cars will once again have 10.2 as the only alternative to update that software FSD. According to the CEO of Tesla, “Seeing some issues with version 10.3, we revert to version 10.2 temporarily. Please note this to wait with beta software. It is impossible to test all hardware configurations in all conditions with internal QA in one public beta “.

The impact of these issues does not appear to have been many because this latest FSD beta 10.3 It has only reached a number of owners that does not exceed a thousand, so there has been no material time for it to spread to many more vehicles. So you know, for now it’s time to wait.

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